Daniel Fast

I’m starting a new year with a fast! Before I go any further I want to start off by saying this fast is not for weight loss, although it might happen. This fast is for spiritual reasons. I’m going on a 21 day fast, note it’s not a cleanse, to find spiritual enlightenment and live a more purposeful life.

I have been attending a church recently and the whole church is doing a Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast is a spiritual journey to find an answer to a prayer and develop a more intimate relationship with God. These are the reasons I’m joining it. For 21 days, beginning tomorrow, I will only consume vegetable, fruits, legumes, nuts and water.

So while some people might find it controversial and some of my readers might wonder while I’m posting it on my blog. I’m posting it here for these reasons. In addition to abstaining from meat, dairy and processed foods I’m also going to abstain from makeup, nail, and hair products. I’m going to go au natural when it comes to my hair and face. I will be washing my face and continuing with my Spa Sunday routine but I won’t be putting on any makeup, nail polish or doing anything to my hair for the whole fast. 1232114125
I have found that my life has revolved around superficial for a while now and I want to not have any distractions for the time I’m fasting. So while I do have a beauty blog and I see nothing wrong with making yourself look and feel beautiful. I simply put don’t want any distractions while I’m fasting.

I will continue, however, my blog and my beauty videos. Since I’ve prefilmed them and will still keep up to posting daily blog posts and uploading 2 videos weekly.
I will ask your support in this and consideration. Love you guys! 🙂

For more info on the Daniel Fast you can visit: http://www.gotquestions.org/Daniel-fast.html

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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