Weekender Wednesday: NYE

This New Years Eve was a very low key one. I had plans of putting on a beautiful gold dress and heading out on the town but our plans were canceled and I ended up staying in with my family. And I have to say, that is the way to go! We had a great time playing a board game, Battle of the Sexes-girls won by the way. On the plus side I avoided a headache the next day too! So anywho here is what I wore:IMG_9635  IMG_9639 IMG_9642 IMG_9643 IMG_9645

I first was going to wear a gold dress like I said but I changed since my plans changed. I had to ring in the new year with shimmer and gold of course! My sister gave me this top, the back is interesting cause it opens to show your back but I put a black tank under since I was with the family. Skinny jeans are always a great option and these are my new boots! I have a little unknown tradition that I wear ring in the new year with new shoes. These are my newest shoes and I love doing this.


  • Blouse was gifted
  • Jeans are from Gap
  • Boots are Vince Camuto
  • Bangle from mark.

On New Years day, we went to GattiTown for my nephews birthday party. They have arcades and go carts and fun stuff like that. So I decided to wear a fun color.

IMG_9674 IMG_9675 IMG_9676 IMG_9677

Who says you can’t wear summer clothes during winter! This is a summer romper and I say wear those rompers you bought last year, just add tights and voila it’s a winter romper! The color has to be according, I mean don’t wear a summer print romper but solid ones will work just fine!

I’m wearing:

  • Romper by mark.
  • Blazer by mark.
  • tights are from Target
  • Ankle boots are from Target
  • Statement necklace is from mark.
  • Bangle was gifted
  • Giant sunglasses were my prize that I won

All in all I had a fun start to a great year!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie

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