Darling DIY: Christmas Crafts

This Christmas I did a lot of DIY’s and I told you I’d share it with you so here it goes. First off my Christmas card.

I wanted to go with a simple card this year and I absolutely love Christmas lights. So I created my own Christmas card sign. I bought a poster board, 2 sets of 100 lights and then I needed another set of 25 lights. The hardest part was writing Merry Christmas backwards but with the help of a mirror it wasn’t so bad. Then just poke the holes about an inch a part. At first I was doing them half an inch a part you can tell on the M but then I realized that would take up a lot of lights so I did an inch apart. It is tedious and does take up a long time but its worth it. I used a small knife to pike the hole. Be careful on that part.





Peace, love & lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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