Weekender Wednesday: Hubs birthday!

So I’m late with weekender Wednesday so can I call this throwback Thursday? Throwback to last weekend? And even that is calling it close as Thursday is almost over!
Well anyway this weekend was a big one! So many events! I’ll start with Thursday, it was Thanksgiving! That’s one of my favorite holidays! I love taking a day out of the year to really think about what you are thankful for and show appreciation! And of course I love to eat! This year we went I New Braunfels with my inlaws. I had a great trip! We packed a lot into it!
My inlaws have a great tradition of doing a holiday craft as our food settles. This year we made crosses. I made a black and white one but I accidentally left it behind.
After that I went shopping to the outlet malls! They opened at 9 and it was crazy! Check out my vlog to see what I bought and my thoughts in that. http://youtu.be/VPdHwf1jNMM
I’ll share what I bought-that’s not beauty soon enough.
I didn’t take much pictures there but I did post a few to my Instagram.

Moving on to the most important thing this weekend! My fellas birthday! I love birthday because its a celebration of the person! And this person is the most important person to me!
He’s genuinely an amazing person! He has a huge heart and rarely thinks of just himself! I’m more than happy to be with him!

His birthday was in Sunday and we went bowling! He loves to bowl and we had a great time!

20121129-205501.jpgdid I mention he’s a twin?



I’m extremely happy to have spent the last 12 years with him and look forward to many more!! Love you babe!

Peace, love & lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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