Mani Monday: gel nails at home?

I have a really hard time keeping my nail polishes from chipping. When I saw this gel nails kit from Nutra Nail I knew I had to get it! It was even on sale for $7!

There wasn’t a huge variety of colors to choose from. In fact there was only 4, a red, brown, pink and beige color. So I went with red! Since I’m so into red this month. And that’s a big deal for me cause rarely will I choose red nails. Anyway I bought this and decided to do it at my sisters house while she colored my hair! It was a fun night of kitchen beauty and gossip!
When I tore into the package it had explicit directions. Which I wasn’t too keen on. There was a whole set up process and where to put the bottles and lay them out and have a napkin and leave them unscrewed. It was an ordeal. (I know in dramatic).

So once I set it all out I had to then read the long directions which went as follows.
Apply the activator coat first to all 5 fingers of one hand. Make sure it’s a generous amount. When I applied this it felt like the glue of those fake nail kits.
Then apply one coat of the gel polish to all five fingernails of one hand. The polish went on runny and streaky. After that application place the brush of the polish into the brush cleaner jar and place the brush cleaner brush into the nail polish jar. Basically switch the brushes. Probably so the glue won’t harden and mess up the brush.
Then you repeat all of those steps to the other hand. Make sure to switch the brushes again. Then apply the second coat following all those steps again to the first hand. And then again following all those steps to the second hand.
Did that make sense? I know I had to read it twice as well.
After all that it did only take 3-5 minutes to dry and harden. The brush cleaner bottle did turn red from the polish.

I didn’t take any pics during the application cause I felt like I had to do it quickly. But the outcome was ok. It left them glossy and I didn’t even apply a top coat.


So there I was with my at home gel nails on top of the world. Then to my distress three days later the first chip! And soon after that all my nails chipped!! They chipped so bad! More than regular polish! I dot know what I did wrong! I was so sad!
So moral of the story is if you want a perfect gel manicure that lasts three weeks not three days, go to the salon! And that’s exactly where I’m headed today!

Peace, love & lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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