Thrifty Thursday: my glam

I’m sure every person in the beauty community knows about My Glam now called Ipsy (I’ll probably always call it My Glam). It’s the $10 monthly subscription bag by Michelle Phan and her team of glamorous gurus. I subbed to it in the summer and I have been impressed with a few bags. My favorite bag was Octobers bag and Augusts bag. This last one was pretty impressive except I was hoping to get the Benefit They’re Real mascara since I saw it on Instagram but I didn’t get it in mine. Womp. But I did get some great products.


My favorite product of this bag was the matte eyeshadow from The Balm.


20121115-172958.jpgthe color was a great fall color too!
Next fave is probably the eyeliner by Starlet. I’ve never heard of that company before.

20121115-173147.jpgI think that’s the point of these subscription bags. That you wouldn’t have tried these products unless they sent it to you. This color is a very popular one for Fall.


20121115-173443.jpga girl always needs a brow gel.

20121115-173701.jpgthe nail polish was my least favorite. I am steering away from glitter just cause its a pain to remove. But I’m sure I can make it work.

I’m planning on doing a tutorial using these products very soon so look out for it.
All in all a good buy for only $10!
Peace, love & lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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