ootd: wedding wear

this sure has been wedding season! i’ve gone to two weddings already this month! both were so different from each other, equally fun though. however, going to weddings can be a bit daunting. figuring out the age old question: what do i wear?

in the first wedding i was a bridesmaid, and i was let free reigns on my bridesmaids dress. i was just told to buy a mustard yellow dress and navy heels. so i took to the interwebs to look for a mustard yellow dress. i found a few but it was not an easy task. i found this one on asos.com and it was on sale! except when it came in the sleeves were giant and stuck out too far. easy fix for an amazing seamstress that i knew of. all in all a good buy. i put some orange deco earrings with my dress but by the end of the night i lost them on the dance floor. that will teach me to put the backs on them next time. her wedding was amazing! take a peek!

i have no pictures of just me by myself, this one is with my friend, emily, who is also a bridesmaid. i was wearing different shoes at the ceremony but they were 5 inches…

so they had to be changed into these 3.5 inch shoes. much better! here’s my other friend linda. by the end of the night i changed into flats! too much dancing!

as for my makeup i had a friend do my makeup for me, he did an awesome job and whenever i want to feel pampered i ask him to do my makeup.

at the next wedding i went to i wasn’t a bridesmaid so i had to think of a whole outfit. i used to only wear black to weddings but now i’ve started to wear a bright color. i decided on this bright orange flowy dress. i wore it in florida to a nice dinner with the fella, but this time i decided to make it a little bit more fall appropriate. i decided on some cranberry pumps and deep sultry eyes. i wore a arrow necklace and an arrow bracelet.

i wore the same vintage leopard bag with each outfit and of course my rose gold watch with both outfits as well. i am uploading a video on the makeup i did for this outfit soon! i did my hair the same way and i can upload a video on that too if you’d like.

i had a great time at both weddings! congrats to any new couples and my friends!

peace, love & lipgloss

ana maggie


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