First day at the Fair!

So I know this isn’t really beauty related but its worth blogging about! The state fair of Texas is a big deal for us, Texans. The food is mostly what the fella and I go for. Everything is fried! Even liquids! Fried beer fried and ice cream is enough to lose all the progress I’ve been making on the weight loss front. But like I said before its well worth it.
This year is the first year we’ve gone on opening day. And it was a wet opening day! It sprinkled for a good hour but during that hour we were eating so it didn’t matter to me.
After that we did a little shopping, I’ll do a haul later on the goodies I got. I’m so excited about what I got.
So while it was a wet evening it was worth the rain, worth leaving work early and worth losing my weight loss progress.
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What I’m wearing:
Black tee from mark.
Yellow shorts from mark.
Belt from target
Shoes from target
Bag from Mulberry for Target

Peace, love & Lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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