Tag! You’re it!

I loved this tag the moment I heard of it and was dying to do it! The $20 tag! Supposing you only had a $20 beauty budget you had to buy what you needed for an every day face! Well it was genius to me! A lot of people don’t have or simply don’t want to spend a fortune on beauty products. What are the must purchase products you’ll need?

I thought about this long and hard! What would I use if I lost all my makeup and had to start fresh with only $20! Well I knew I had to get a full coverage foundation, a blush, and eyeliner and mascara are a must! Then I would go ahead and get products I could double. Like eyeshadows I could use for highlighter and bronzer. A lipstick I could use as a blush. I wanted to look for 2 in 1 products.
So I stopped by my favorite affordable beauty store, Ulta. They have NYX, a favorite inexpensive makeup brand of mine and a lot of sales on drugstore brands, which I knew I was going to go for. Check out what all I got:

Peace, Love & Lipgloss
Ana Maggie


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