PreKindergarten crafts!

This week has really been about crafts and bulletin boards! I’ve done so much crafts I dream in butcher paper! Speaking of sleeping I totally woke up at midnight last night thinking it was 6am and started getting ready. Good thing my husband was awake and asking me what the hell I was doing. I don’t even know what happened! That lets you know how exhausted I am, and school hasn’t even started! Being at work 10 hours a day is tiring but when the kids get there it will all be worth while. I can’t take any pics at school but I will try to get a few pictures of my posters and bulletins soon. For now I have a few school crafts that I’ve made (at home) for school. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are super easy to do at home after you’ve had a few snacks. I’m so excited for the school to start and our classroom is totally coming together!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie

p.s. I’m not done with my back to school week! I thought I was but I decided to go for another week!


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