OOTW: School clothes

My first week of In-Service has come and gone! It was a whirlwind of getting to know new teachers and policies, seeing old peers again and catching up on what we did this summer. Lots of teacher training and ideas. Lots of getting our room ready for school and little ones. It was fast and furious and I loved it! So different to my pace this summer and it was welcomed! I told you guys I’d post an outfit of the week post and here it is. Everything I wore all week at In-Service. I got a lot of compliments on these outfits.

Let’s start with Monday: My first day back! [note] I took “Mondays” outfit today since on Monday I was so excited I forgot! I wore my fun sunflower dress and flats, since I didn’t know if we’d be doing a lot of walking around.

I’m wearing:

  • dress from Macy’s
  • shoes from Target

Tuesday we had to wear our spirit shirts and we got to wear jeans. Check out my collar! I can’t just wear a plain ole t-shirt, I need to add details and make it my own!

I’m wearing:

  • School spirit shirt
  • Sheer collared shirt (underneath) from Target
  • Jeans from Gap
  • studs are actually earrings from mark.
  • shoes are from Target

Wednesday I got to wear my polkas! I love this skirt! I wore heels cause I realized that we would be doing a lot of sitting and I had my schedule by then.

I’m wearing:

  • Sheer shirt from Target
  • Polka dot skirt from Macy’s
  • Nude pumps from Target
  • Olive studded belt from Charlotte Russe
  • Wishbone earrings from mark.
  • Bangle/bracelet/ and rings from mark.
  • snake braid (hair how-to later)

On Thursday I opted for pants since I was doing a lot of classroom decorating and moving furniture around, yes I can decorate in heels.

I’m wearing:

  • Feather top is from JCP
  • black cigarette pants from mark.
  • cranberry pumps from Aldo
  • Bracelet and ring from mark.

Friday finally came and I opted for flats since by then my feetsies needed a break from heels and we still had moving around to do. I originally planned to wear this with a skirt but decided against it for the above mentioned reason. When planning your clothes you have to be flexible.

I’m wearing:

  • Pink ruffle top from Kohls
  • black jeans (they’re faded but I like that) from Khols
  • studded bow flats from Michael Kors
  • earrings from mark.
  • Rings from mark.
  • watch from Kohls

Friday was my favorite outfit just cause it’s more my daily style, mixing glamourous ruffles with edgy pieces like faded black jeans and studs. I wore this to a birthday dinner later that night and it worked perfectly.

So sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I meant to but I went from work to the birthday dinner to hanging out with friends. I will be better at blogging a day earlier so this won’t happen again. Just for that you will get two posts today. I will post outfit of the day pics on my Instagram more often unless I do a whole week series. Or unless its requested on the comments. I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie

p.s. wanna see the rest of my outfits for the next 2 weeks?


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