Tried & True: BB Cream

What does a BB cream have to do with going back to school? It’s a time saver that’s what it is! I have exactly 10 minutes to spend on my makeup every work day. I wake up an hour before I have to be at work. 20 minutes getting dressed, 10 minutes on my hair, and 10 minutes on my makeup. 10 minutes cooking and eating breakfast and 10 minutes to get to work.

That’s exactly how I timed it but that’s in a perfect world.

In the world I live in I get outta bed 15 minutes late, drag to brush my teeth and wash my face and pat on moisturizer and eye cream. Rethink about my outfits (that’s been pre-selected the night before) and put it on. Change it up, switch up my shoes for another pair, switch up my jewelry. Add a belt, remove the belt. Pull down a bag that matches with the new outfit and switch bag contents. Finally head to my makeup station. That all took half an hour and I was already 15 behind. I’ve now 15 minutes to go before I have to run out the door. I squeeze a foundation on, dab on concealer, brush on a translucent powder and blush. Swipe on a few good coats of mascara and rub on a lip stick. If I was especially fast with that I will line my lids and create a small wing.

I then rush to the restroom to do something with my hair, I’m at 10 minutes left. I will get into my hair plan on another day but I usually have that taken care of the night before. I just need to groom a bit and calm any flyaways. I will get into 5 minute hair styles later, look out for it.

I then rush out of the door, skipping the breakfast but luckily my lunch bag (that I packed the night before) has an apple that I can eat for breakfast. This is my get out of the door routine almost every morning.

But I digress, I was reviewing a BB cream. BB Cream is a base that originated in Asia. It stands for Beauty Balm, and essentially it is has benefits that enhance the skin. Usually blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjusts skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, has SPF 30. Lots of steps to skip therefore time saver, right? Wrong!

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I have been using Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream since I got back from Florida (I bought it there) and I have to say I don’t really like it. It leaves my skin dewy and if you live in a humid state that translates to oily! I thought this BB cream would save me time but essentially it wastes it. I have to add a primer if I want it to stay matte. Then throughout the day I have to re-apply powder and that’s just counterproductive. So maybe this would be amazing if it was Spring or Fall and it wasn’t as humid. And my skin wasn’t oily to start out with. I should have known it was going to be dewy, since most “fresh” products translate to dewy which in my book translates to oily. I will go ahead and finish this product but I will not repurchase.

If you have an awesome BB cream I’d love to know so I can try it. Keep in mind my skin. Thanks!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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