Back to School Accessories

It’s that crucial time of year when you need accessories that you can tie your outfits together. During the summer I wear minimal jewelry but come fall and for work I love piling it on. I especially need to buy rings and bracelets to cover my tattoes for work. This is the jewelry I’ll be piling on this school year. Most of it is from mark. but not all of it.

For the rings I wanted to pile on different tiny rings and of course different types of styles. So mixing bows with skulls or diamonds with a cougar is so fun to me!

On my wrist its the arm party as usual except I don’t have much bracelets on, just my watch and my m.powerment bracelet that I wear daily and the leather bracelet is a nice mix to the metal.

My earrings are all studs this year. Hoops and dangling earrings have moved to the back and small studs have come forward. Just because the smaller earrings won’t get caught on anything and are kid friendly. I love the trio set from mark. with the studs, heart, and wish bone. mark. has another trio set that I’m def getting as well, it has bows! This year I wanted to change it up by putting earrings on my collar. The flashy collars and lapels are trendy this year but instead of going out and buying a studded lapel shirt I just put my stud earrings on the lapel. Same effect, minimal cost.

This fall it’s all all about the neck party! Piling on multiple small necklaces are the way I’m going to go this Fall. I love the combo of the small locket with the neon triangle.

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What are you going to do with your jewelry this fall?

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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