Mani Monday: Back to School

I started school today- well I started in service, that’s when the teachers and staff go to trainings before school begins. It was a lot of fun and exciting meeting new peers and saying hello to old ones. I’m working with my best friend, Emily, and I just can’t wait for an amazing school year to begin! So to get ready for an awesome school year I want to have a Back to School week on my blog! Much like my Florida vacation week where the whole week I talk about a different subject on the topic. Get ready for lots of back to school tips and ideas!

First idea, a back to school manicure. Since I’m not that much of a nail expert and I didn’t want to get too difficult I chose to do apples, since nails are pretty much round for the most part and then I took it a step further and did a bitten apple or apple core. I was create this nail design, and the best part is that since it’s supposed to look bitten it doesn’t have to look super neat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I chose a full apple on the ring finger to have some fun with it. What do you think? If you try it I’d love to see a pic of it.

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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