Road Trip Survival Guide

I went on the longest road trip that I’ve been on as an adult I would say. I’ve been on long road trips when I was little but I that doesn’t count. I wasn’t worried about my looks or my boredom. We traveled 12 hours from Dallas Texas to Fort Walton Florida during the night and really I feel asleep that whole night. But on the way back we traveled by day and that’s when I needed my list!

First and most important thing is reading material! A book, magazines, your kindle, iPad, whatever you need to keep your mind off of the fact that you still have 10, 8, 5, more hours to go. I finished my book on the beach so I was left reading 1 magazine from page to page over and over to pass the time.

Make sure if your not the driver (I didn’t drive at all) to not take any kind of stimulant! No coffee, sodas, teas, red bulls, or monsters at all. You don’t want to be wide awake. I took a few good naps on the ride and it was nice. And speaking of drinks I would avoid any altogether. The more you drink the more you’ll have to pee.

The best part of road trips is stopping to eat along the way, you get to experience a very small part of that city so I suggest stopping to eat and actually eating at the restaurant, if your not pressed for time. Speaking of time make sure that you give yourself enough time to drive. If your trip is 12 hours give yourself 2 more hours for stopping and refueling both on gas and food. We stopped at Alexandria for lunch and Shreveport to have dinner.

As far as beauty goes you want to avoid it. I know its hard to not wear anything but really you need your skin to breathe. The air conditioner from the car can get stale and dry out your skin. Take a lot of sunscreen since in the car you can’t avoid the sun and lip balm again one with sunscreen. You’ll need to reapply this a few times.

Your clothes should be super comfortable! Since I was sitting for such a long time, I took leggings and a soft tee shirt. I made sure the bra I had on was a super comfortable one and my undies as well. I had on flip flops but my toes got cold, I wish I had taken socks. Take a blanket since again the ac gets cold and one of those shoulder pillows.

These are a few other thins you should take that don’t need an explanation, I hope.

  • hand sanitizer
  • clorox wipes
  • tissues
  • note pad + pen
  • map or navi system
  • head phones + iPod
  • car phone charger
  • sunglasses

Most of all pack your patience cause it’s a long trip and you’ll need it. Don’t start any arguments that will only ruin the road trip. Keep an open mind and if you have the time, get lost somewhere! That’s the best part of road trips, the open road! Have a safe trip if you are heading somewhere and have fun!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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