Darling DIY: Shell hair pin

When I was in Florida we went into a sea shell store and the owner of the store gave me a beautiful sea shell hair pin. When I left I knew I could do one with the shells I found on the beach! So I pulled out my glue gun and bobbi pins and got started!

If you have shells use those or you can purchase some, right now so many stores have shells for sale. You’ll need a glue gun and bobbi pins or a hair baret. And then just get your creative juices flowing! Here’s what I came up with:

I got this in Florida


Florida is the sand dollar capitol of the world!

The necklace I made from sea coral

You can also place sea shells over any beaded pendant you already have

You can take a hair barret to glue the shells on

I added the smaller shells to the side

Then I added a shell to a necklace extender that can be added to a necklace

These would be a super cute jewelry piece!

My shell necklace, I just wrapped the chain around it and glued it in the back

I put glue in the hole and put the chain in it

You can add it to any necklace I put it in the back of my shell necklace

The shell hair pin I got in Florida

It is a star design

My shell hair pin creation

Let me know if you do any shell jewelry, I’d love to see!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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