Mani Monday: Chevron Stripes!

This one comes to you from sunny Florida! While I was there I had to re-d0 my manicure that the sea and sunblock ruined. I had to buy an emergency nail kit! Note to self: next time take a nail kit. But I was inspired by the beautiful architecture at South Walton Beaches. Specifically Alys Beach, the whole beach town was painted white! Every last store and house and building was white! It was so beautiful!

The entrance to this beach town had these on both sides of the road

Perfect rows of white houses

This was a pool exclusive to Alys Beach residents

Horse sculptures in front of someones house

Looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog

Someone had a mote to their house!!

Fire pit

What a house!

The nail kit I bought

I used the vertical stripesMy verticle nails inspired by the wicker table

It’s super easy to do, just apply a nude color first, wait for it to dry and use the stripes to apply the perfect stripes. I placed one finger going down and the next going up, then down again.

The whole week I will be posting Florida vacation pictures! Stay tuned!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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