Tried & True: Island Escape

Spending $5 on a quality eyeshadow palette almost never happens, especially when even  drugstore palettes range $10+. They’re are a few companies still dishing out palettes under $5, NYC New York Color is one of them. I’ve purchased an NYC palette before and featured it in a video, so when I saw these colors I knew I had to get it!

I got the Island Escape 961 palette for the fun summer colors. It has a dusty teal green, mauve, cobalt blue and icy blue shades.  It even has an Illuminator and eyeshadow primer. I am most happy about the cobalt blue and icy blue color, the teal is pretty too but it’s not true to the shade you see there. It changes on the lids and looks very similar to the cobalt blue color. The mauve I was not happy with. It didn’t have much pigment and I had to swipe it on a few times to show up. Not good, but I finally have swatches for you guys. Take a look: by the way please don’t mind my brows. I need to get those done asap.

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I will have a picture tutorial of the look soon. As well as my own look.

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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