What’s been going on?

Whew! Lots to catch up on!

First this past month I stepped down from being a mark. mentor. I loved it but I neglected it. I felt I was letting my team down so I let it go. I still sell mark. as a representative (click here to shop) but I don’t have a corporate position anymore. The reason I neglected it?

Last September I started working at a school as a Pre-kindergarten teacher aide. It was tough! I devoted a lot of time and Saturdays to my position so I started neglecting my mark. mentor duties. I love being a TA! The kids are so sweet and fun! They do have their moments but they are only 4 so I let them slide.

I’m going back to school in the Fall to become a teacher! But that’s another blog post for another time.

Since I started working at a school I have been off all summer! I loved it at first but now honestly it’s a challenge not doing anything or not having to wake up at a respectable hour. I forget what day of the week we are in and have no concept of time anymore. I apologize to all those who have to deal with me and my sloth ways this summer. You would think that I would take up a hobby this summer but honestly if laying out by the pool is a hobby then I’m golden (literally)! No but really I’ve planned trips outta town. I’ve already gone to Mexico to visit my parents and next week I’m planning a trip to Florida to relax by the beach.

If you want to see a daily account of what I’ve been doing check out my Instagram at @ana_maggie and twitter. You’ll see pictures like this:


[Click here to see how to style hat hair]

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie

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