Resolutions for 2011

I love New Years for a few reasons! I love cleaning my house and starting the new year with a clean house! I love when my mother in law gives us all 12 grapes to eat cause she believes it will keep us together all 12 months! I love kissing my husband at midnight and knowing we’ll be together all year! I love doing positive fun things all day on the 1st cause I think my whole year will be fun and positive! I love starting the new year off with a new pair of shoes too! I have many beliefs and some might call it superstitions but I love starting off my year with these traditions!

I love the new year for the biggest reason! We get to start over! We get a new chance, a fresh start! I am a planner and the new year is when I plan most of my year. What I want to be doing, what I want to accomplish, and most importantly I plan how I’m going to accomplish everything!

Most people start off right, they make a resolution, it might just be one thing, but they plan to do it and have every intention of getting that done! Then the first week passes and they think of that resolution less, or realize it’s difficult and get a little discouraged. After the first month is up most resolutions are forgotten!!

I plan out my resolutions very carefully! I devise a plan to accomplish my resolution by listing many short term goals. This might sound excessive, I break down my short term goals by days and then weeks and then months. I plan out my day by having a daily to do list with my goals in mind. I have found that if your list is too long you will feel overwhelmed and not even want to look at it. If it’s too short, it isn’t good either cause you leave yourself too much free time. If your list is done by lunch then it’s too short! What have you planned for after lunch? This is how I plan my days. Some days I scratch everything off my list, some days I leave a thing or two left. This is fine as long as the things you left at the end can be saved for another day. Prioritize your daily list. Most important go on the top of the list, things that can wait another day can go towards the end.

And I do this same way for my weeks! Once I establish how fast I can accomplish things daily then I set “due dates” every week so that daily to do’s are done within a week. And I expand that to fill a month. These are short term goals for me and how I accomplish things!

I also have an inspiration board, or on my to do list I write positive quotes to inspire me and get me moving. This is really important for me cause I’ll think for a moment about the quote and really meditate on it.

I also let everyone know my goals, so that the positive people around me will motivate me and keep me on the right track too! This is why it’s important for me to surround myself with positive people!

I have listed 3 resolutions for this year! That’s it! There are tons of character changes I want to make but those are harder to scratch off lists since they are character based. Those are mental changes I have to make. But these are 3 goals that I want to do. Life changing goals! That’s what I feel like resolutions are. Anyway my 3 resolutions and the plans are:

  1. Become a makeup artist!
    1. Work at a makeup counter
    2. Start a portfolio
    3. Take makeup classes
    4. Become certified
  2. Go to pre-marriage weight!
    1. Eat healthy, less than 1200 calories a day
    2. Write down daily food intake
    3. Workout 4 times a week
    4. Start a workout challenge
    5. Find workout buddies
    6. Lose 2 pounds a week
    7. Lose 8-10 pounds a month
  3. Visit Paris!
    1. Meet with a travel agent
    2. Save money
    3. Pay for deposit
    4. Let everyone know so instead of gift, they might help contribute.

These are my resolutions for 2011!! I know this is going to be an amazing year!! I’ve already gotten started on many of those and I’m well on my way!!


What are your resolutions and goals??


Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


3 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2011

  1. Hi Ana! Just wanted to say that I just found you on YouTube and through that, here on WordPress. Love your videos! I blog as well about beauty, but also books and other random things. I love Mark. products; they are such good quality and for such a good cause. And no testing on animals either 🙂 I like your resolutions; very ambitious! I’m not big on resolutions, usually, but this year it’s just focusing on getting school done, work hard, eat better and be a little more active. That and getting more mark. products! Can’t wait to see your video on their skincare stuff; I’ve been wanting to see what are HG products!


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