My sisters!!

I wish I could have included all of my sisters but that video wouldn’t be understandable since we all talk at the same time and we get really loud! LOL Maybe I’ll sneak a camera into our conversation someday! Click here to look at this



I take a bit from all of my sisters, I look up to them for different reasons.

My oldest sister, Monica (in the shoes pj’s,) I take strength from her and most of my wisdom and advice comes from her! She’s like our sister mom! She helped raise all of us and to this day I won’t dare contradict or talk back to her! LOL

My second oldest sister, Alma (in the blue leopard pj’s,) I look to her and I take kindness! She has a huge heart and loves everyone! She’s very fair and could never hurt a fly! She’s an amazing chef too!! When I go to her for advice it’s always fair advice and she really thinks about the other person. I love her for that and many more things!

My middle sister, Belen (in the girl pj’s,) she is right in the middle of all of us! She’s my rock! I go to her when someone has made me mad or harmed me and I’ll always know no matter what she’s got my back! Even if I’m wrong or unjust she’s always on my side! I love her for that!! Also she’s the sister who is the most like me! We often like the same things and sometimes it’s annoying but I wouldn’t mind being just like her! 😀

My closest sister, Judy (in the zebra pj’s,) is only a year older than me! Growing up we would always tell people we were twins! And they always believed us! Mom frequently got mad at us cause she always was told she had cute twins! But she often dressed us the same so we went with it! She’s my confidant! I always told her my secrets and I could confide in her! She is also the person who taught me most of what I know about beauty! She taught me how to apply makeup, do my hair, shave my legs, put on a pad, everything!! LOL

I love all of my sisters just the same for many different reasons!! I am who I am today because of them and I’ll always go to them for everything!! Love y’all manitas!!

Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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