Rebel Rose Nails!

Did you like the nails I had in the Rebel Rose video!! I mixed two different polishes to create that color!! I’ll show you how!

This was the inspiration for the color: The Rebel Rose Fragrance!


The items you need are a great base coat, a dark plum or purple color, a bright fuschia color and a great top coat! I really recommend Seche as a base and top coat! Sinful Colors is a brand from Walgreens and they have a lot of great colors for really cheap! Avon has a large selection of good quality polishes.

Apply Seche base coat, this insures your nail polish will stick to your nail. It also prevents your nail from yellowing.

The dark plum color I’m using is Avon nailwear in Midnight Plum.

It leaves my nails glossy!!

For the fucshia color I’m using Sinful colors in Dream On. This has a matte finish, and is translucent. If worn alone you’ll have to apply several coats. But it dries instantly!

See how it leaves my nails opaque but lightened the midnight plum? You can apply two coats if you want it lighter still.

Opaque, matte nails!


To add that luster and glossiness, add Seche top coat! This top coat is amazing! It dries instantly in 5 minutes! No more waiting for nails to dry! It provides long wearing no chipping nails! It’s available at CVS.

Nice shiny glossy nails!!


Hope you liked it!


Peace, Love & Lipgloss

Ana Maggie


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