Snow Day!

We had a beautiful snow day!!
The snow has been falling all day and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop!
I’m a bit of a bear when it comes to this weather, I like to stay indoors.
But I opened all my windows so I could see the amazing scenery!
And looking out my window inspired my makeup today!
What do you think?

I used i-marks in South Beach all over my lids, Biscotti on my inner corner and above my brow bone, and Night Owl in my creases and outer eye. Also I used Night owl as an eyeliner on my lower lashes, and after I applied my mascara and let it dry a bit I dusted South Beach on my lashes to give it a softer feel. On my cheeks I used Just pinched in Cheeky and for my lips I tinted my lips with Kissink in Berry bitten and applied Glow Baby Glow in m.powerment gold over the tint. To make my skin looky glowy I sprinkled crystal shimmer in coquette to highlight, above my cheek bones on the bridge of my nose and on my eyebrows.
Hope you all have a safe and fun snow day!
Peace, Love & Lipgloss
Ana Maggie

What did you think?

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